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Standby industrial and house generators ensure your power is not compromised


CG Electrical supply and install standby generators for industrial and domestic clients who require a constant source of energy in the event of power loss.


Our clients in Gorey, Dublin, Wicklow, Wexford, Waterford and the South East of Ireland use a backup generator when there is a:

Fault on the electricity network
Planned electricity interruption by ESB Networks
Storm or third party damage to the electricity network

Backup industrial and house generators ensure you never lose power when you need it most. CG Electrical is a registered electrical contractor and can complete installations in compliance with all Electro Technical Council of Ireland rules.


Looking to install a home backup generator?

What Are The Benefits Of A Standby Generator?

Keep families and homes safe during emergencies
Protection against voltage fluctuations when power is restored
Quick, efficient and automatic distribution of power
Reduce insurance rates
Uninterrupted use of appliances, electronics and heating and cooling systems

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a standby generator be used as an alternative to grid supply?

Yes. A standby generator can be used to address power requirements at peak times for both industrial and domestic properties.

What should I consider when buying a backup generator?

The expert team at CG Electrical will be able to find generators that are suited to your power, cost and location requirements. Contact us today to discuss your individual case for an industrial or home backup generator.

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