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We test and manage systems across Dublin and the South East, around times that suit our clients. We issue reminder notices when re-tests are due, ensuring you are compliant with legislation.


What is Emergency Lighting?
Emergency Lighting is a backup system, when general lighting on a premise fails. Emergency lights will illuminate in the event of a loss of power, fire or emergency to allow safe escape from the building. Emergency Lighting should also adequately allow identification of safety signs and equipment such as firefighting equipment and refuge points. At some point, you’re bound to experience a power outage — and of course there’s always the possibility of an emergency. And when that time comes, it’s crucial that your emergency lights and exit signs are fully operational.

Why is Emergency Lighting Testing Required?
All owners of business or public premises have a legal obligation to provide and maintain the emergency lighting system installed. Testing should be carried out periodically as specified in Health & Safety Legislation and the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) I.S. 3217:2008 Code of Practice. In common with the regulations concerning Fire Detection & Alarm Systems, quarterly inspection and annual tests of the Emergency Lighting System must be carried out and records maintained in the fire register book.


What are the Benefits of Testing?
· Increases insurance coverage eligibility. Many insurance companies may not cover damages caused by fire unless a company has documented that routine inspections and maintenance have been performed on their emergency lights and exit signs.
· Promotes safety. Most important of all, having your emergency lights and exit signs properly serviced and functioning can save lives and property during a fire.


How Often is Testing Required?
Emergency lights and exit signs require regular testing and consistent inspections to continue functioning properly, and often manufacturers recommend that these inspections are performed by a trained and certified technician this keeps your equipment in peak condition.
The Testing of Emergency Lights requires the following;
· Illuminating each emergency light, from its battery source, for 30 minutes for the quarterly test and 3 hours on the annual test
· Examination of all fittings to ensure their correct functionality
· Checking and filling out the logbook, as appropriate, and issuing a certificate of testing on completion.
· Provision of a schedule, to your staff, for weekly checks of the system.
· Issuing reminders when your re-tests are due, to ensure your compliance with I.S. 3217:2008

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